Saturday Art Workshop

Spinning paint

Spinning paint

Week 3 - Spinning paint

I showed everyone the spinning turntable I use for canvasses, it's attached to a drill and goes extremely fast splattering paint everywhere!  I used something like this to create the Spun Paint B/W peacock below. 

I've made a diy version to make at home.  It comprises:

Cardboard box to hold the spinning paint table with a hole in it to put the pen through, cardboard spinning table with pen attached to put through the hole in the box and cardboard legs to make it taller than the pen and lid (which it rests on) - look at the picture!  Small plastic pot or jam jar lid with a dink in it to rest the pen nib. 

The cardboard spinning table has four corners which allow you to put in new paper each time.    

I've put video's below to help you make your own table to spin your art in. 

  Spun b/w peacock


 Paul's work 







Jul 07, 2020



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