Saturday Art Workshop

Drippy paint

Drippy paint

 Week 2 - Drippy paint 

We looked at existing paintings - like the Confetti Peacock below and explored how to drip paint to use as a background for any image to be put on top. 

I made a nest for the bower bird and put sparkly objects into paint and let it dry.  I will be putting a picture of a bower bird on top and have mocked it up below to show what it might look like.

  Confetti Peacock 

  Lylah (aged 5) drippy paint


Bea's (age 4 1/2)  drippy paint and then using hands 

  Lyla's elephant (aged 10)

  Theo's pic of Sonic (aged 8) 


Bower bird - have a look at the things I embedded into the picture, there are jewels and sparkly things as well as wire made into a spiral - like the 'treasures' a bower bird might collect to make his bower beautiful! 

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